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Professional Makup Artist Conference Expo

Case Study: Website Development

PMAC Expo is an industry trade-show for those who specialize in the makeup profession. Visionary and Founder Gwynnis Mosby of Gwynnis Mosby Makeup Academy is a 29 year veteran Celebrity Makeup Artist who created this conference to educate, entertain, and EXPOse the vast world of Professional Makeup Artists.

How We Helped

During the 2014 & 2015 PMAC planning, the primary of objective for this PMAC Expo client was to increase the number of visitors and brand awareness about the Professional Makeup and Artist Conference. Our approach to constantly changing content was to keep it light, mobile, and blending key features and event classes, competition, and ticketing with graphics and web featurestools to make event leasting functionality compelling and quick to grasp.

What We Did

 We organized their Schemes and Structures: How you categorize and structure information  We designed the Labeling Systems: How you represent information  We structured their Navigation Systems: How users browse or move through information  We enhanced their Search Systems: How users look for information

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