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Case Study: Web Development

Talbot Construction has a long history of successful projects as a General Contractor. Offering a broad range of additional commercial construction services. Whether clients are looking for Commercial, Office, Medical, Retail, or Light Industrial services, Talbot can provide it, on time and within budget.

How We Helped

In 2015, Talbot Construction Inc. had an outdated and unmanageable website, with minimum content, that did little to position Talbot Construction Inc. as a world class construction company. That needed to change! Company Executives believed it was essential to improve its online marketing and web presence to support the Talbot Construction Inc. Design brand, enhance its credibility as a construction leader and General Contractor, and build a dynamic website that would showcase its services and industry expertise. The site needed to incorporate the newest technology, but also be simple to manage and update.

What We Did
  • Develop a visually attractive and user-friendly site to elevate the company brand and position the company as an industry leader
  • Optimize the site for search (SEO), increasing visibility and site traffic, while increasing leads
  • Selected a content management system (CMS) that is easy to use for anyone, including those without technical skills, and with advanced functionality
  • Created a portfolio gallery and easy to navigate list of services they provide.
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